Linen Sachet - WMM by Enid
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Linen Sachet

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100% Linen, sachet stone

M1- IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Woody, Oriental.
Blended with Bergamot, ylang,Clove, cardamom, cinnamon,White woods, sandalwood.
This fragrance that expresses woody oriental intensely. The animalic warm wood aroma gives a primitive feel.

M2- IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Aromatic Woody
Mandarin, sweet orange, eucalyptus,Rosemary leaf, lavender stems,Cedarwood Atlas, Peru balsam

M3-IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Fruity, Woody.
Blended with Bergamot, black currant leaves,Pink berries, jasmine, birch Musk, oakmoss, vanilla.
Incense of power that captivates women! 
Fresh, refreshing fruity, spicy and uncommon menstrual blends..

 #W1- Scent Notes-Woody.
Blended with orange, bergamot,wild flower,pine,rosemary,lavender,sandal wood,guaiac wood,patchouly.

#W2- IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Herb.
Blended with Cote D’Ivoire bergamot, soft floral extravagant lavender, clove leaves
eucalyptus, touch of camphor

#W3-Red Roses - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Floral.
Blended with Bergamot, Rose buds,Green leaves, Geranium, Rose petals,Violet petals, Musk.