Linen Sachet - WMM by Enid
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Linen Sachet

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100% Linen, sachet stone

M1-Marrakech - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Woody, Oriental.

Blended with Bergamot, ylang,Clove, cardamom, cinnamon,White woods, sandalwood.

It is Marrakech type fragrance that expresses woody oriental intensely. The animalic warm wood aroma gives a primitive feel.

M2-Botanical Shower - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Aromatic Woody

Mandarin, sweet orange, eucalyptus,Rosemary leaf, lavender stems,Cedarwood Atlas, Peru balsam


M3-Aventus - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Fruity, Woody.

Blended with Bergamot, black currant leaves,Pink berries, jasmine, birch Musk, oakmoss, vanilla.

Incense of power that captivates women! It is Aventus type fragrance.
Fresh, refreshing fruity, spicy and uncommon menstrual blends..


#W1-Hala Mountain - Scent Notes-Woody.
Blended with orange, bergamot,wild flower,pine,rosemary,lavender,sandal wood,guaiac wood,patchouly.



 #W2-French Lavender - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Herb.
Blended with Cote D’Ivoire bergamot, soft floral extravagant lavender, clove leaves
eucalyptus, touch of camphor



#W3-Red Roses - IFRA Certificate Essential Oil, Scent Notes-Floral.
Blended with Bergamot, Rose buds,Green leaves, Geranium, Rose petals,Violet petals, Musk.